About ICAM

International Center for Applied Mechanics (ICAM) at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), with unprecedented support from XJTU and government, is the first-of-kind major research center for applied mechanics in China. ICAM also serves as a "special zone" for reformation of research and educational activities in mechanics in China, and it aims to foster the growth of young scientists and students in inter- interdisciplinary areas.


A leading applied mechanics research centre located in China, influencing the future of applied mechanics, To attract and foster first-class young talents, produce first-rate academic achievements, and establish a world-leading center in applied mechanics, ICAM aspires to be a bold and dynamic community, with a "no boundary" culture, and a spirit of center which strives for positive influence and impact through our education and research.


The mission of the Centre is to spearhead research efforts in developing advanced applied mechanics, to provide scientific and engineering solutions to meet the national needs, to focus on the cutting-edge researches in various frontiers of mechanics, to lead major projects of national priorities ,and to carry multi-level and multi-disciplinary international cooperation and exchange activities.

Core Members

Prof. Zhigang Suo


Director/Executive Committee Director,
Member of the US National Academy of Engineering

Prof. Huajian Gao


Deputy Director of Excecutive Committee,
Member of the US National Academy of Engineering

Prof. Zishun Liu


Executive Director​

Prof. Xi Chen


Deputy Director



Email icam@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Phone 86-29-82668087
Fax 86-29-82668087