ICAM Research Fields

Research Projects

1. The Study of Mechanism of the Interaction of Hydrogel-Soft Substrate System (NSFC: 2019-2023)

2. The erosion-deposition evolution of post-seismic debris flows (NSFC: 2019-2021)

3.Splashing of a liquid drop containing one or a few spherical solid particles (NSFC:2019-2020)

4.The deformation and failure mechanisms of novel metallic glass composites with nanoscale cellular structures(NSFC: 2018-2021)

5.Towards the next generation stenting - The evaluation and study on mechanics behavior of novel shape memory polymer stent (NSFC: 2018-2020)

6.Impact of a drop containing bubbles (NSFC:2018-2020)

7.Multi-scale Study of Homeostasis and Mechanical Behaviors of Epithelial Tissues (NSFC: 2017-2020)

8.Study on deformation Mechanism of Shape Memory Polymers Responsive to Thermal, Light, Magnetic Stimuli and Multi-field Stimuli (NSFC: 2016-2019)

9.Drop impact of complex fluids (NSFC:2016-2016)

10.The mechanism of deformation and failure in the ductile-and-strong nanoglass (NSFC: 2015-2017)

11.Multi-Scale Study of Binding Kinetics of Membrane-anchored Receptors and Ligands (NSFC: 2015-2017)

12. A Study of Deformation Mechanism for Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Gel Subjected to Mechano-Thermo-Photo-Chemo Changes (NSFC: 2014-2017)

13.Brittle to plastic transition in nanoglass(NSFC: 2014-2014)

14.Using Modelling and Simulation to Investigate the Mechanics Behavior of Advanced Ultralight Aerogel Materials (NSFC: 2013-2013)