ICAM Research Field

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    Size, shape and surface patterning effects on nanoparticle (NP) uptake.

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    Time sequences of CGMD simulations showing nanotubes with different caps interacting with the cell membrane at an initial entry angle of θ0 = 45˚.

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    pH-Sensitive Hydrogel for Micro-Fluidic Valve

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    The pattern of the PDMS membrane gel with a square lattice of  holes before and after swelling.                                
    A square lattice of cylindrical holes bifurcates into a periodic  structure of ellipses with alternating directions

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    A soft dielectric membrane, mounted on a chamber, is  pressured into a balloon. Afterwards, the valve is closed, and voltage is applied to cause the balloon to expand further.

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    Uniaxial constraint of stiff fibers (Theory and experiment)

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