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July/4/2013 : Prof. Tie Li gives a talk titled " High performance electrodes for future battery technology"

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Updated:2017-09-25 06:42:20

Prof.Teng Li ,University of Maryland visits ICAM on 4July,2013.



7:00-8:00  Breakfast with Prof.Suo at Citadines Hotel

9:00-10:00  Meeting with Dr.Yilun Liu (Phone:13810624402)

10:00-11:00  Meeting with Associate professor Qinghua Qin from Prof.Jiejun Wang's group (phone:18636310158)

11:00-12:00  Meeting with Canhui Yang & Baohong Chen (phone:18706736269)

12:00-13:30  Lunch with Prof.Zhigang Suo & ICAM people

14:30-15:40  Visiting Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center and meeting with Prof.Tianjian Lu’s group at East building 2.

16:00-18:00  Seminar (Venue:Meeting room II at Teaching Building 1, Title: High performance electrodes for future battery technology: From button cells to grid-scale energy storage)

18:30   Diner with Prof.Tiejun Wang and people from School of Aerospace